Warner’s Gin at Christmas

Getting personal at Christmas with Warner’s Gin

Let’s not sugar coat it – 2020 saw the hospitality and retail industry hit hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Warner’s gin was no exception, with both trade and Gin tours taking a hit. But ever the optimist and full of entrepreneurial spirit – pun intended – Warner’s Gin set to work bringing the farm and gin to the people in their own unique way.

We knew that the winners and losers of the ever-booming gin category would be decided at the most wonderful time of year.  So, we wanted to create a BIG impact for Warner’s Gin at Christmas; challenged to bring brand new customers directly to site in a bid to take the stress out of gifting at Christmas.

The world of gin is full and plentiful, but none quite like Warner’s who put 100% craft and GRAFT into making their farm born gin. And if that isn’t enough, they offer a unique opportunity for gin lovers to personalise their favourite gin – the perfect gift for friends and family, especially when you haven’t seen them for such a long time.

In just four weeks, we worked with ITV production and creative consultants NOKAMO to create the most impactful gin commercial of the year. ‘Don’t overthink it’ had the sole focus of making Warner’s unique personalised bottles the star of the show.

Working closely with ITV, we identified the most contextual and relevant programme ‘A Life on the Farm with Alan Titchmarsh’ to launch Warner’s first ever TV campaign to the perfect audience. We also crafted a carefully targeted ITV hub campaign following the launch, running throughout November and December 2020.

Warner Gin were definitely the winners that Christmas!