Notorious manage and orchestrate the full span of media planning, buying and activation across all key digital and offline disciplines.

Alongside practitioners with experience of managing multi-million-pound media portfolios, we have invested real thought and energy into creating a digital media product with solid foundations in data, evidence and knowledge of algorithms. Combined with creative ingenuity and craft skills in more organic disciplines, we are notoriously good at making people make the most of digital opportunities, rather than abdicating responsibility to big tech.

That means you get everything you would expect from a modern media agency, but with a bit more flair. Producing work we can all feel proud of and results that deliver more than just your fair share.

Our expertise includes: Strategic communications planning; Media planning; Media buying; Digital media; Search/ PPC; Social media; and Analytics.


This is the guiding force of Notorious Communications.

People have never been easier to reach nor harder to motivate. So the key principle underlining our planning work is to understand motivation and how we can use the media environments people love, to create campaign work that makes our brand partners famous for the right reasons and unlocks the commercial benefits we all know follow on from this.


We believe originality underpins effective outcomes. That’s why we sweat the customer data and media experience to find moments where we can concentrate, innovate, excite, surprise and raise your brands impact. That means content, creative and contact strategies for all channels and disciplines.


Creativity and science have always been natural bed fellows in advertising – find any notorious campaign across time and there will be stacks of consumer data underpinning the glossy presentation and equal amounts to describe the outcomes. They’re intrinsically entwined.

Our role is to help identify and cultivate the context, content and channel plans to launch notorious, eye-catching campaigns that deliver those impacts and outcomes.