Hello to you!!

After a quiet Easter and commencing week 4 of lockdown, the world feels like such a crazy place. Who knows what will happen next…we can’t control what happens, but we can control how we feel about it.

And this has got us at Love Sugar Science HQ thinking!


We want to help all our friends stay optimistic, enjoy the positives lockdown is bringing and share a little creative flare whilst you sit in lounge wear (or active wear!) and ask YOU take part in our creative 7 day challenge!!

We’d love everyone across our wonderful home in Manchester (and beyond!) to take part in ‘Creativity x Covid’ – a positive collaboration across our industry.

We’d like you to share 7 pictures (1 x per day) that are a reflection of what makes you positive, happy or a creative moment that this lockdown has given you.

It could be a shot from your daily walk, some beautiful art, the glorious sunshine, coffee, kids.. .anything that makes you feel great and gets your creative juices flowing.

After 7 days, we are going to create one big HUGE (hopefully!) ‘Creativity x Covid’ montage in the shape of our wonderful Manchester Bee, created by all our wonderful images.

Once created, we will be offering the chance to buy them with all proceeds going to a chosen Covid19 charity in Manchester.

To take part simply tag us each day in your image

Instagram @lovesugarscience

twitter @lovesugascience

or share via email Jessica@lovesugarscience.com

You up for it? It’s EASY. 7 days, 7 images… go!