Chester Zoo appoints us after a competitive pitch

We’re absolutely delighted to share that we will be working with Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has appointed an all-Manchester agency partnership to  focus on “preventing extinction” in a new brand direction for one of the UK’s most visited attractions. Love Sugar Science and creative agency start-up, Meanwhile, have been briefed to create campaigns that pull on visitors’ “emotional heartstrings” and inspire children to think about conservation.

Chester Zoo attracts up to two million visitors a year and houses more than 27,000 animals, including 500 threatened species.

Love Sugar Science co-founder Jessica Scott told Campaign the agencies and the zoo’s internal marketing and communications team will form a Manchester-based central planning unit to revitalise its brand strategy and attract visitors with “bigger and bolder statements” about its environmental and conservation credentials.

“We’ve been brought on to deliver ambitious growth and a powerful new brand strategy that is more emotive and empowering for families that visit the zoo,” she said.

“We want visitors to think about the zoo’s conservation, sustainability and how it helps prevent extinction.

“Their bravery and commitment to making work that matters provided such a strong fit for us and the whole team were determined to show what we could do to support the mission to prevent extinction. We are so proud to be part of this and excited to work with the new team at Meanwhile.”

Helen Dean, head of marketing at Chester Zoo, added: “Chester Zoo is a global conservation charity that is continually working on solutions to enable wildlife to survive and thrive both in the UK and across the globe. We have bold and ambitious plans to continue this vital work while immersing our visitors within conservation.”

We can’t wait to get started and look forward to sharing some very exciting work, very soon!

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