Love Sugar Science Co-Founder Jessica Scott had the honor and pleasure to be taking part as a judge in 2019’s hotly anticpated Media Week Awards! Here she shares her take on being part of the industries hotly anticipated awards. Taking time out of the day job to go and check out some of the years best work in media is no small beer.

After hours pouring through hopeful entries, the time comes to judge fellow peers on the great work we as an industry consistantly deliver to change the fortunes of our clients. It’s one of the only times where we can come together as friends, competitors, agencies, owners and truly celebrate the blood sweat and tears that goes into creating brilliant campaigns. After taking part as a judge in the 2019 Media Week awards it came with its own learnings.

Firstly, I was one of a handful of people (I actually think there was 2 of us) who travelled from Manchester to take part. As part of starting our company we’ve always been very clear about Manchester being our home, but not our destiny. By that, we mean than Manchester is as good of a place as anywhere else to set up and start a forward thinking media agency. In fact, being out of the London bubble means that we are able to see things differently and really understand the true delivery of a great piece of work.

Secondly, I believe the tides of change are upon us. A change back to brilliant basics and brave clients. In the many different media award entry processes the team and I have been involved in in the past, we were always thinking about the extra special ‘thing’ the judges would love. In more recent years, this seemed to be the whizz bang of a new digital thing, but y experience at 2019 mediaweeks was more about congratulating great thinking, expectional ideas and brave clients willing to hold their own in a forever changing landscape.

As the UK falls out of love with advertising and the overwhelming bombardment they are exposed to, I hope we as an industry respond to the negativity in the best way. By creating truly creative, truly brilliant and truly memorable campaigns so we can all fall back in love all over again.

Jessica Scott at Media Week Awards

Gideon Spanier at Media Week Awards